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“Being  creative  is  seeing  the  same  thing  as  everybody  else  but  thinking  of  something  different ” . However  you  define  ‘creativity’,  be  it  ‘original  thinking  ‘inventiveness’,  or  ‘the  ability  to  produce  something  new  through  imaginative  skill’,  at  Preface  communication  we  are  addicted  to  it!  Whether  your  project  requires  a  photographic  image,  a  new  concept,  a  new  page  design  for  your  catalogue,  we  have  a  team  of  resourceful  creatives  to  produce  imaginative  designs  that  work  for  your  business. Our  team  of  talented  graphic  designers  have  vast  experience  in  creating  innovative  solutions  for  all  aspects  of  the  marketing  mix  including  catalogues,  brochures,  direct mail,  corporate ID,  large  format  exhibition  display  graphics,  packaging,  and  advertising.


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Interpreting your brief to produce imaginative and unique ideas to create impact and help promote your brand Preface communications has a long history of very successful catalogue design work. Both the layout of our studios, and our workflow processes, were designed with catalogue design and brochure design at the forefront of our minds. Our state-of-the-art photographic studio houses two high quality, flexible digital camera systems allowing for highly productive multiple shoots where required; together with a design studio team of creative directors, designers and art workers all with many years of catalogue design experience.

Your company’s brochures are a very important element of your marketing materials and can contribute significantly towards projecting your brand’s image, as well as displaying your company’s products or services with style, accuracy and creativity. At Preface Communications we understand that your company’s brochure design needs to project the position and personality of your company efficiently and stylishly. We understand that your company’s brochure design also needs to appeal to your target audience both in its language and appearance. When you commission us to produce your brochure designs we work hard to fully understand your product/s and or service/s, your market position and your brand values to ensure the success of the brochure design.

High quality offset printing done on most modern & advance machines, that transforms our creatives into reality on to piece of paper.

Over the years, internet has emerged as fast & cost saving medium to reachto the respective audience, locally & globally. Design a well thought out catalogue/brochure and convert into a electronic format for the purpose of emailing.

From a convenient location with excellent studio facilities, our experienced photographers using the latest technology produce inspirational results from capture to print At Preface Communications Commercial Photography, we specialise in providing professional creative photography and digital images including catalogue & brochure photography, product & packshot photography, food photography, furniture photography, location photography, buildings photography, lifestyle photography, people photography, and photography for mailers, advertising, point of sale, websites and exhibition display graphics

Social media marketing campaigns are a key opportunity to reach your customers. The way people communicate and seek information is evolving and so the way your brand can now reach out is fundamentally changing too. The use of social media marketing campaigns or SMM within the Business to Business marketing mix has now gained widespread adoption and acceptance. Whether you are a small or medium enterprise or a larger organisation with multiple and different audiences, there is a social media opportunity to be capitalised upon.We can create a social media marketing campaign strategy for you, which may include setting up corporate accounts with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ or YouTube, for example, on your behalf. This helps you in gaining a new potential client base to which you can market your products and services with ideas like viral campaigns, forums and community groups.

Sometimes, catalogue or brochure are needed for test marketing or for a specific event/ seminar wherein a turnaround time is short and the print run is short and the print run is as low as 50 to 100 copies. we design & print it digitallyon short run printing machines.

A display shop/showroom or an outlet with bare walls with no branding is like a body without soul. An effective branding done help people relate to the product service in finding the right choice for them. Vinyl digital posters pasted on the wallssurface Vinyl digital posters mounted on the sun boards Outdoor advertising standies( roll up Banners ) haording designs glowsign designs flex banners/ backdrops events/ exhibition display like all other mediums of advertising exhibitions have a vital role to play, to exhibit the products, interact with the buyer/client directly give the brands wider exposure. exhibition posters artwork as per sizes.

A rightly positioned Ad with brillient creative captures the attention of the buyer and reaches to the widest audience.The need for brand creation or rebrand can come about for a variety of reasons , the existing design may have simple because tired or outdated business may have chnaged in its nature to such an extent that the existing logo and branding designing simply do not reflect the current or future commercial purpose. We provide creative concepts that will connect you with , your clients/ customers. we will develop a unique and distinctive creative solution that keeps you ahead of your competition.



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